API Ammo Lock Ammonia Detoxifier for Aquariums

by API

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Key Features

  • Scientifically proven to protect fish cells against ammonia
  • Detoxifies ammonia in aquariums and Works Instantly
  • Safe for all fish, invertebrates and plants and it can be used with medications

API Ammo Lock detoxifies ammonia produced by fish waste. It removes chlorine and chloramine from tap water. Eliminates ammonia stress and protects healthy gill function.


API Ammo Lock Ammonia Detoxifier for Aquariums 16 oz (Treats 946 Gallons)

API Ammo Lock works instantly to detoxify ammonia produced by fish waste, and remove chlorine and chloramine from tap water, while eliminating ammonia stress and protecting healthy gill function.

Ammo Lock does not remove ammonia, it simply converts it to a non-toxic form. The neutral solution will not change water pH. The biological filter will then consume the non-toxic ammonia, converting it to nitrite then to nitrate. Each bottle treats 240 gallons of fresh or salt water.


4 oz treats 236 gallons

8 oz treats 474 gallons

16 oz treats 946 gallons


Brand API
UPC 317163050453
Item Number L1195990914P11959
Size 16 oz (Treats 946 Gallons)
Weight 1.2 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 2.62" (L) x 10.5" (W) x 1.35" (H)

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Reviewed by Tiffany W. on Apr 3, 2021

Kept all my fish alive!

Reviewed by Shelly Collier on Dec 21, 2020

It does the job

Reviewed by Tim S. on Nov 8, 2020

Its great for ammo spikes and setting up new fish tanks ...

Reviewed by Tammy Vale on Nov 7, 2020

Saved the lives of my fish, I am very grateful

Reviewed by Jay Ebersole on Oct 18, 2020

Unsure Whether it Works

Reviewed by Loyal T. on Sep 30, 2020

Its a great product and does exactly as advertised but i wouldnt ...

Reviewed by Judi Malecha on Sep 2, 2020

Dont read the bad reviews. Read this.

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