Key Features

  • Removes chlorine and ammonia
  • Destroys chloramines
  • Detoxifies nitrite and heavy metals including copper
  • Replaces skin slime coat on fish


Aquarium Solutions Ultimate Water Conditioner 4 oz

Aquarium Solutions Ultimate Water Conditioner by Hikari is the world's first full-function water conditioner. With everything you need in one bottle to maintain a superior environment for your aquatic pets.

1 oz Treats 60 Gallons

4 oz Treats 240 Gallons

16 oz Treats 960 Gallons

1 Gallon Treats 7,680 Gallons

5 Gallons Treats 38,400 Gallons

Aquarium Solutions Ultimate Water Conditioner instantly "ages" water allowing you to enjoy your pets in action quicker without fear of the negative impact of toxic chloramine, ammonia, chlorine, heavy metals or nitrite. Great For Freshwater, Marine or Pond Environments.

Destroys Chloramines Removes Ammonia Removes Chlorine Detoxifies Nitrite Detoxifies Heavy Metals (including Copper) Adds Essential Electrolytes Boosts Alkalinity Replaces Skin Slime-Coat Reduces Fish Stress Instantly "Ages" Water Makes A Safe Environment For Your Aquatic Pets Non-Toxic To Humans, Pets and Aquatic Life.


Brand Hikari
UPC 042055722346
SKU 72234
Item Number L139229093P13922
Size 4 oz
Weight 0.25 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 5.1" (L) x 5.1" (W) x 0.63" (H)

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Reviewed by James B W. on May 1, 2021


Reviewed by Lydia H. on Mar 31, 2021

Raises ur ph

Reviewed by Howard W. on Jan 17, 2021

Will definitely buy again!

Reviewed by Lillie D. on Jan 4, 2021

No cap

Reviewed by James B. on Dec 26, 2020

Great Product. Does exactly as stated.

Reviewed by Larry J C. on Nov 24, 2020

good product

Reviewed by Robert G. on Nov 18, 2020

good stuff

Reviewed by Mervin M. on Nov 11, 2020

Adjusts the alkalinity of your water

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