Fluval U-Sereis Underwater Filter Foam Pads

by Fluval

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Key Features

  • Fluval Underwater Filter replacement Foam Pad
  • Removes large particles from aquarium water
  • Stage 1 foam pad replacement
  • The Fluval Foam Pad captures large particles and debris for effective mechanical filtration, the crucial first stage in the filtration process.
  • Custom-sized, it fits perfectly inside the filter chamber to prevent debris bypass.
  • The foam pad has a pore size that allows efficient water flow, less clogging and long-lasting filtration.
  • Suitable for freshwater, marine or reptile environments.


Fluval U-Sereis Underwater Filter Foam Pads Foam Pad For U1 Filter (1 Pack)

Fluval Underwater Filter Foam Pads are filter media that will trap large particles and debris. Available pads: U1 foam pad, U2 foam pad, U3 foam pad and U4 foam pad.


Brand Fluval
UPC 015561104852
SKU A485
Item Number L185679092P18567
Size Foam Pad For U1 Filter (1 Pack)
Weight 0.04 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 7" (L) x 4.5" (W) x 1.5" (H)

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Reviewed by Viola R. on Jun 28, 2021

Terrific price for Fuval replacement filters.

Reviewed by Rebecca S. on May 30, 2021

Haven't Used this Filter Yet

Reviewed by Sondra S. on May 15, 2021

Use the fluval sponge, don't improvise

Reviewed by Tonita R. on Apr 3, 2021

Great product

Reviewed by Chet G. on Mar 16, 2021

cheaper else where

Reviewed by Coby A. on Feb 27, 2021


Reviewed by Jason M. on Jan 15, 2021

A fine piece of manufactured sponge shaped to fit the Fluval U1 pump/filter

Reviewed by Teresa K. on Dec 12, 2020

Fluval is a name you can trust

Reviewed by Amy O. on Dec 11, 2020

Need them for my fish tank.

Reviewed by Becky S. on Dec 10, 2020

Have some extras around

Reviewed by Robert H. on Sep 1, 2020

Filter foam.

Reviewed by Diane W. on Aug 30, 2020


Reviewed by Cortney Burchett on May 30, 2020

I don't mind buying these for my kick a$$ Fluval filter!

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Your email will NOT be published or displayed.

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