Kordon Pond AmQuel Water Conditioner

by Kordon

Selected Option: 5 Gallon
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Selected Option: 5 Gallon

Key Features

  • Removes chlorine, chloramines, ammonia and pheromones
  • Does not interfere with the biological cycle in your pond
  • For water changes, crowded ponds and control of ammonia during nitrogen cycle
  • A True One-step Liquid Chlorine, Chloramine, And Ammonia Remover
  • Nontoxic To Fishes and Other Aquatic Life
  • Fast Acting Within Five Minutes, Simple To Use
  • Effective In Removing Toxic Pheromones
  • Made in U.S.A.


Kordon Pond AmQuel Water Conditioner 5 Gallon

Kordon Pond AmQuel removes chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia safely, easily and quickly, protecting pond fishes and invertebrates by rapidly eliminating three of the most harmful compounds commonly found in pond water. AmQuel turns ammonia into an inert compound for rapid consumption by beneficial bacteria.

16 oz Treats 960 Gallons

1 Gallon Treats 7,693 Gallons

5 Gallons Treats 38,468 Gallons

Directions: 1 oz treats 60 gallons of water. For fast action, add 1-2/3 oz per 100 gallons of water, or 1 capful per 8 gallons of water. A single dose will remove 1 ppm ammonia, 3.2 ppm chloramines and 2.1 ppm chlorine.


Brand Kordon
UPC 048054310256
SKU 31025
Item Number L14467909175P14467
Size 5 Gallon
Weight 50 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 10.5" (L) x 10" (W) x 10" (H)

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