Pondmaster Pond-Mag Magnetic Drive Utility Pond Pump

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Key Features

  • Energy-efficient magnetic drive technology water pump
  • Designed for fountains, statuary and small ponds
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Suitable for table top fountains and larger depending on model number
  • Made to run continuously without seals to wear out
  • Filled with epoxy instead of oil, eliminating leakage
  • 35-2,400 GPH flow depending on model number
  • Built-in adjustable flow control
  • 6-18 foot grounded power cord depending on model number
  • Pre-filter included


Pondmaster Pond-Mag Magnetic Drive Utility Pond Pump Model .8 (80 GPH)

The Pondmaster Fountain Mag Water Pump is a magnetically-driven, submersible utility pump for fountains and small ponds. This unique, energy-efficient design uses only one moving part, a magnetic impeller. Installation is simple and easy, just connect and plug into power! Pondmaster Fountain Mag Water Pumps are ideal water moving solutions for small ponds, water gardens, fountains, statuary, de-watering, hydroponic installations, and general purpose clear water circulation purposes.

Pondmaster fountain mag water pumps are designed for fountain or statuary installations, and have been the most trusted pumps in the industry for over 20 years. Each Fountain-Mag pump provides quiet, efficient and reliable performance, 24/7. Ideal for any small pond, statuary or fountain application, Fountain-Mag Pumps operate equally well submerged. The Fountain-Mag 190 GPH pump is the only pump in the collection that can be used submerged or in-line. With a ceramic impeller as its only moving part and an epoxy-encased power unit, you never have to worry that the pump will contaminate your water with harmful chemicals or oils. The Foutain-Mag 190 comes with a 10-foot power cord and a 5-year manufacturer limited warranty. The fountain mag 35, 65, 80, and 140 come with a 6-foot power cord and a 1-year limited warranty.


Brand Pondmaster
UPC 025033025202
SKU 2520
Item Number L1777590924P17775
Size Model .8 (80 GPH)
Weight 1.5 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 7" (L) x 5" (W) x 5" (H)

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Reviewed by Richard B. on Mar 3, 2021

Pondmaster pump

Reviewed by Harry K. on Mar 1, 2021

I love Pondmaster products as the perform well and outlive lesser ...

Reviewed by Janet A. on Jan 7, 2021

Worth the money. It really pumps

Reviewed by Ronda C. on Dec 29, 2020

Works for my small duck pond

Reviewed by Laura D. on Dec 20, 2020

Work good

Reviewed by Avenette M Beasley on Dec 17, 2020

Replacement for indentical pump

Reviewed by monique etcheverry on Dec 1, 2020

3rd one of these in 14 years.

Reviewed by John V. on Nov 30, 2020

Perfect for my pond

Reviewed by Michael Friskey on Oct 29, 2020

Great product based on previous pump purchased over 20yrs ago.

Reviewed by Neal C. on Oct 22, 2020

Design and size changes from previous pump (same model)

Reviewed by Shahenaz Ahmad on Sep 15, 2020

Good fountain pump

Reviewed by Diane Lanier on Sep 9, 2020

durable, repairable

Reviewed by Brandi Wilson on Jun 28, 2020

Danner/Pondmaster make the best magnetic drive pumps - period.

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