Zoo Med Reptisoil (24 Quarts)

by Zoo Med

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Key Features

  • A special blend of peat moss, soil, sand and carbon
  • Great for tropical set-ups and plant growing
  • Supports burrowing and egg laying
  • Special blend of peat moss, soil, sand & carbon
  • Create tropical set-ups in naturalistic terrariums & paludariums
  • Burrowing & egg laying substrate allows for natural behaviors
  • Plant growing soil for live plants
  • Added carbon helps aerate soil & improve drainage


Zoo Med Reptisoil 24 Quarts

Zoo Med Reptisoil is a unique blend of peat moss, soil, sand, and carbon designed for tropical terrarium set-ups. This carbon-rich soil is great for burrowing, egg-laying, and growing live vegetation such as ferns, bromeliads, miniature, orchids, succulents, and carnivorous plants.

The added carbon helps keep the soil aerated and improves drainage. Made in the USA.


Brand Zoo Med
UPC 097612752243
Item Number L1984890930P19848
Size 24 Quarts
Weight 29.6 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 8" (L) x 4.5" (W) x 14.5" (H)

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Reviewed by Dale K. on May 11, 2021

I needed sub-tropical soil....

Reviewed by Robbi R. on Mar 24, 2021

Good clean substrate material

Reviewed by Shirley H. on Feb 7, 2021

Not cheap but is good

Reviewed by deborah l. on Jan 15, 2021

It's as described

Reviewed by Faye L. on Dec 10, 2020

Great for my Geckos

Reviewed by lanoy michael on Nov 9, 2020


Reviewed by Juanita G. on Oct 21, 2020

Recommended to any reptile or bug farmers

Reviewed by Trevor H. on Oct 15, 2020

Good product

Reviewed by Carol moses on Sep 19, 2020

Highly recommended

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